6.1 PTR: Build 19480 Profession Updates – Transmutes Added and Stage 4 Upgrades

A large PTR build has been released and many new additions are coming in patch 6.1. Looks like Alchemist will have their first taste of Transmutes in Warlords via  Tome of Sorcerous Elements at the cost of 10x  Alchemical Catalyst and also Transmute: Savage Blood, a Warlords “Philosopher’s Stone” trinket called “Stones” and stage 4 upgrade items for crafted gear will take 30x  Savage Blood + 200 of the professions specific cooldown bind on pickup materials. Below are the professions highlights for build 19480.


Philosopher's Stones (Trinkets)Transmutes

Stage 4 Upgrades for Crafted Items


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