Patch 6.2 Preparation / Recap – Overview of Profession Changes and Additions.

We have yet to get an official release date for patch 6.2, but my speculation is June 23rd (24th for EU) due to end of the PvP season being announced 1 week ago on June 9th.  Players have less than two weeks now to prepare. I going to recap on profession changes and additions to the game coming with patch 6.2.

Patch 6.2 will introduce a new crafting reagent,  Felblight. (This is the new  Savage Blood) Felblight can only be obtained from gathering in Tanaan Jungle (Yes, gathering professions will have a purpose again.) Jewelcrafters will finally be able to once again craft Epic Gems! (We haven’t had Epic Gems since Cataclysm) Stage 5 and 6 crafted gear upgrades are added to the game that will give players an additional +30 item levels. Wait for it…. MASS MILLING is coming to the game.. players will be able to mill 20 herbs at time instead of 5.

 Felblight will be used for Stage 5 and 6 crafted upgrades, Epic Gems and a new Glyph being added,  Technique: Glyph of Ascendance.

How are  Felblight obtained you might ask?

As stated before, they are only obtained from within Tanaan Jungle zone. Also, to access Tanaan Jungle characters need to be level 100 with a level 3 Garrison and unlocked their Shipyard.

Withered Herb (Herb), Felmouth Frenzy School (Fishing), Beasts (Skinning) and Ore Nodes (Mining) can contain / give a chance at  Felblight. If you do not have a character with a gathering profession then you will have to resort to your local auction house to purchase them.  Felblight will not be obtainable from your Garrison  Primal Spirit trader like  Savage Blood‘s can currently be traded for.

Stage 1-4 Upgrades Changes

Stage 3 and 4 upgrades have been removed! Players can use Stage 2 upgrades all the way to stage 4. This means that it will be cheaper to go from Stage 1 to Stage 4. Existing “Greater” and “Powerful” items transform into Unstable items; clicking on them creates a Stage 2 item and a materials refund for the extra reagents used to craft the more Stage 3 and 4 upgrades.

Stage 5 and 6 for crafted gear is being added into the game and will take 30x  Felblight / 60x  Felblight + 175 / 350 of the professions specific cooldown bind on pickup materials.

Stage 5 (Armor = ilvl 700 | Weapons = ilvl 690)

Stage 6 (Armor = ilvl 715| Weapons = ilvl 705)

Cost of learning Stage 5 and 6 upgrade token Recipes for crafted BoE upgrade and which random level 3 Townhall profesion NPC sells it.

Remember, the Trader order is, Ore -> Dust -> Fur -> Leather -> Herb

Recipe  NPC  Cost to Learn
 Recipe: Mighty Steelforged Essence  Ore Trader  60x  Blackrock Ore
 Recipe: Savage Steelforged Essence  Ore Trader  60x  Blackrock Ore
 Recipe: Mighty Truesteel Essence  Ore Trader  60x  True Iron Ore
 Recipe: Savage Truesteel Essence  Ore Trader  60x  True Iron Ore
 Schematic: Bi-Directional Fizzle Reducer  Ore Trader  60x  Blackrock Ore
 Schematic: Infrablue-Blocker Lenses  Ore Trader  60x  Blackrock Ore
 Schematic: Advanced Muzzlesprocket  Ore Trader  60x  True Iron Ore
 Schematic: Taladite Firing Pin  Ore Trader  60x  True Iron Ore
 Recipe: Wildswater  Herb Trader  10x  Alchemical Catalyst
 Recipe: Elemental Distillate  Herb Trader  10x  Alchemical Catalyst
 Technique: Mighty Ensorcelled Tarot  Herb Trader  20x  Cerulean Pigment
 Technique: Savage Ensorcelled Tarot  Herb Trader  20x  Cerulean Pigment
 Technique: Mighty Weapon Crystal  Herb Trader  20x  Cerulean Pigment
 Technique: Savage Weapon Crystal  Herb Trader  20x  Cerulean Pigment
 Recipe: Mighty Taladite Amplifier  Ore Trader  60x  Blackrock Ore
 Recipe: Savage Taladite Amplifier  Ore Trader  60x  Blackrock Ore
 Recipe: Mighty Burnished Essence  Leather Trader  60x   Raw Beast Hide
 Recipe: Savage Burnished Essence  Leather Trader  60x   Raw Beast Hide
 Recipe: Mighty Hexweave Essence  Fur Trader  60x   Sumptuous Fur
 Recipe: Savage Hexweave Essence  Fur Trader  60x   Sumptuous Fur


Three new recipes have been added to help early leveling and can be obtained through the Darkmoon Faire using  Darkmoon Daggermaw.

Recipe Cooking Skill Materials Cost to Learn
 Recipe: Lemon Herb Filet 1  2x  Darkmoon Daggermaw  10x  Darkmoon Daggermaw
 Recipe: Sugar-Crusted Fish Feast 150  5x  Darkmoon Daggermaw  25x  Darkmoon Daggermaw
 Recipe: Fancy Darkmoon Feast 225  10x  Darkmoon Daggermaw  50x  Darkmoon Daggermaw


Mass Milling has come to the game, but only for Draenor herbs sadly. (I expect them to go back an do it for older herbs in the future.) All these recipes can be purchased from the Herb Trader within your level 3 Garrison.

Recipe Materials  Cost
 Recipe: Mass Mill Talador Orchid  20x  Talador Orchid  20x  Cerulean Pigment
 Recipe: Mass Mill Nagrand Arrowbloom  20x  Nagrand Arrowbloom  20x  Cerulean Pigment
 Recipe: Mass Mill Starflower  20x  Starflower  20x  Cerulean Pigment
 Recipe: Mass Mill Gorgrond Flytrap  20x  Gorgrond Flytrap  20x  Cerulean Pigment
 Recipe: Mass Mill Fireweed  20x  Fireweed  20x  Cerulean Pigment
 Recipe: Mass Mill Frostweed  20x  Frostweed  20x  Cerulean Pigment

There is one new Glyph being added into the game,  Technique: Glyph of Ascendance. Currently, it’s speculated to only drop from Tanaan Jungle and is Bind on Pickup. If your scribe character isn’t level 100 yet, you might want to consider leveling it now! The glyph will require 1x  Light Parchment, 3x  Warbinder’s Ink and 1x  Felblight. I expect these to go for a hefty amount of gold for the first few weeks of patch 6.2.


Patch 6.2 adds Epic Gems into the game. In order to access the quests to unlock these cuts, you will need to be level 100 and have the ability to access Tanaan Jungle. (Level 100 + Level 3 Garrison + Shipyard)

Quest Chain
Gems of the Apexis ->  Mastery Of Taladite ->  Ruined Construct (Requires 1000x  Apexis Crystal) = Teaches  Immaculate Versatility Taladite cut.

To learn the other gems cuts, players will need to find more Gemcutter Modules and return them to the Apexis Gemcutter. Players must use the Apexis Gemcutter in Tanaan Jungle to cut Epic gems, you cannot do it on your own. Below is info on how to obtain the other epic gem cuts; there is a small chance players will learn one of the new recipes when Apexis Gemcutter crafts a gem for them.

Gemcutter Module (Gem) Source  Materials
 Immaculate Versatility Taladite  Initial quest line turned in at Sun-Sage Chakkis  100x  Taladite Crystal, 15x  Felblight, 1x  Greater Versatility Taladite
 Gemcutter Module: Critical Strike ( Immaculate Critical Strike Taladite)  Dropped by Shadow-Lord Iskar in Hellfire Citadel Raid  100x  Taladite Crystal, 15x  Felblight, 1x  Greater Critical Strike Taladite
 Gemcutter Module: Haste ( Immaculate Haste Taladite)  Dropped by High Sage Viryx in Mythic Skyreach Dungeon  100x  Taladite Crystal, 15x  Felblight, 1x  Greater Haste Taladite
 Gemcutter Module: Mastery ( Immaculate Mastery Taladite)  Sold at Brawler’s Guild
(Requires Rank 6) for 800g
 100x  Taladite Crystal, 15x  Felblight, 1x  Greater Mastery Taladite
 Gemcutter Module: Multistrike ( Immaculate Multistrike Taladite)  Sold by Apexis Traders in Stormshield for 3,000g and 3000x  Apexis Crystal.  100x  Taladite Crystal, 15x  Felblight, 1x  Greater Multistrike Taladite
 Gemcutter Module: Stamina ( Immaculate Stamina Taladite)  Dropped by the world boss Rukhmar  100x  Taladite Crystal, 15x  Felblight, 1x  Greater Stamina Taladite

Changes to help “Catch Up”

The exchange price for crafting materials from your Garrison Primal Trader has been reduced in patch 6.2

Item Old Cost New Cost
 Sorcerous Air  25x  Primal Spirit  15x  Primal Spirit
 Sorcerous Earth  25x  Primal Spirit  15x  Primal Spirit
 Sorcerous Water  25x  Primal Spirit  15x  Primal Spirit
 Sorcerous Fire  25x  Primal Spirit  15x  Primal Spirit
 Savage Blood  50x  Primal Spirit  25x  Primal Spirit
 Taladite Crystal  10x  Primal Spirit  5x  Primal Spirit
 War Paints  10x  Primal Spirit  5x  Primal Spirit
 Hexweave Cloth  10x  Primal Spirit  5x  Primal Spirit
 Gearspring Parts  10x  Primal Spirit  5x  Primal Spirit
 Burnished Leather  10x  Primal Spirit  5x  Primal Spirit
 Alchemical Catalyst  10x  Primal Spirit  5x  Primal Spirit
 Truesteel Ingot  10x  Primal Spirit  5x  Primal Spirit

Daily Cooldown for BoP crafting items have been doubled. Example, level 1 Jewelcrafting pre 6.2 would get 4x  Taladite Crystal. After patch 6.2 a level 1 Jewelcrafter will get 8x  Taladite Crystal. Level 700 Jewelcrafters go from 10x  Taladite Crystal -> 20x  Taladite Crystal.

Stage 2 Upgrades Cost Reduced (Remember these will be used multiple times to go from Stage 1 -> 4 in 6.2.)


Rare-quality crafted gear now gives 10 skill points instead of 5.

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