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    Cinder Kitten Contest / Giveaway #1

    This will be the first of many Cinder Kitten contests/giveaways!
    (Open to all regions)

    Sign up on the forums and answer a simple question!

    What is your favorite WoW expansion?

    This giveaway will end on December 10, 2012.
    (Winner will messaged via private messages and picked via

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    It's a hard choice.

    BC had the best looking gear and the greatest new continent (New world, technically)
    Wrath had the best music and a very awesome new continent
    Cata was just the coolest. (End of the world theme)
    Mists has a lot of interesting lore, fantastic music and a beautiful continent. (New class AND race too!)

    My vote's going to have to go to Mists.

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    My favourite expansion is Mists of Pandaria.

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    I'm surprised to say it, but Mists of Pandaria is.. at least so far. Until Mists, it was Burning Crusade. They are so very, very close! I love so much about each of them. The pure beauty of Mists (and the lack of drama in my amazing guild) has pushed it ahead of BC tho.

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    My favorite expansion was Wrath of the Lich King! So much awesome content... and NAXX

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    I liked BC but I am really enjoying Mists, that may just be the initial rush of something new though time will tell. I will say B.C. to be on the safe side! very fun.

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    My favorite expansion has to be mists theres much more content then previous ones.. so hands down mists

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    I have been playing since vanilla but I really enjoyed BC, I also loved the event that lead up to woltk (Zombie Apocalypse). Good times!

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    BC was def my fave

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    The Burning Crusade was, and still is my favorite.

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