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    5.2 - New Transmog Sets + Shopping Lists

    With Patch 5.2 a few changes are coming in for transmog which might change the pricing on some items. Also a few new lvl 90 uncommon sets are being added.

    They are troll/ZA/ZG style in graphics, how ever im not sure if they will sell as transmog items, but its worth a shot.


    Numerous weapons will be available also, which might make for very interesting sales.

    With changes of main hand / off hand items restrictions it will make alot of 1h axe/mace/daggers all look more and more appealing.


    Rustic Voodoo Wand


    Hexbelcher Rifle
    Restrung Voodoo Bow
    Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer

    1H Axes/Swords
    Zandalari Head-Cleaver
    Corroded Hacker
    Saur-Singer Spellblade

    2H Axes/Swords
    Weighty Stone Axe

    Fist Weapons
    Dull Hawktalons

    Discarded Strikeblade
    Chiseled Fangs

    TSM and auctionator lists

    Below are Auctionator shopping lists for all items:

    **Now when you are using these shopping lists, keep in mind that the "Search All Items" will not work if using this list.
    You will need to click on each row of the shopping list in order to search or else it will come back with 0 results when there actual might be items on the AH.**

    Typically, I sell these 1000g - 3000g range.

    *** 5.2 gear/weapons
    Faded Spirit-Wrencher;Armor/Cloth
    Forlorn Loa-Binder;Armor/Cloth
    Timeworn Shadowtooth;Armor/Leather
    Brittle Flamereaver;Armor/Mail
    Forgotten Peacekeeper;Armor/Plate
    Primordial Bloodsoaked;Armor/Plate
    Tarnished Fanatic's;Armor/Plate
    Chiseled Fangs
    Corroded Hacker
    Defective Soulgem Staff
    Discarded Strikeblade
    Dull Hawktalons
    Hex-Caster Gavel
    Hexbelcher Rifle
    Loa-Binder Disc
    Restrung Voodoo Bow
    Ritual Headcleaver Halberd
    Rustic Voodoo Wand
    Saur-Singer Spellblade
    Saurjaw Dagger
    Sky-Shaper Staff
    Skyking Bulwark
    Stubby Talonblade
    Thunder Eagle Staff
    Weighty Stone Axe
    Zandalari Head-Cleaver
    Next we have TSM Shopping list:

    Cheer's Sw
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    Added pictures and formatting, since we all like pictures right?! :3

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    I really do hate the look of the ZA and Zg transmog set's. Ew.
    Vas - Darksorrow


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    Wow the green text is so hard to see on that background

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morwrath View Post
    Wow the green text is so hard to see on that background
    Yea, I might have to tint the gray a little more.

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    Few days till 5.2 drops! Keep an eye our for these pieces!

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    Fixed auctionator shopping list for better searching.

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    The "Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer" is coming up as a completely different item.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiotCtrlPenguin View Post
    The "Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer" is coming up as a completely different item.
    Thanks, it has been removed from the list.

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    Are we still buying for lower then 100g or what would you say we should be paying?

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