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Elvinelol is supported entirely by donations! This means that to continue providing you with all the free goodies I need your support.  Ways you can help are below.

Subscriber Benefits

► Hundreds of payment options ► Uber Gold Coin next to name in chat
► Site Wide Sub Only Emotes (datPinkGnome, datPinkWig, datBibble, datGold, datPinkKappa, datHype, datL2Read & datDealWithIt)
► Ability to Post Links in Chat
► Directly supporting the channel and keep Elvine streaming.
► VIP Bronze!
► Immune to Slow Mode in Chat
* More to come…

Epic Geek + Gamer Gear New Every Month from Lootcrate! 6 to 8 hand-picked epic products and a chance to win Mega Crate with $250+ value!

Use “ELVINE” when signing up to receive $3 off any subscription plan.

Purchase anything from Amazon USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy or Spain and support the stream – No additional cost to you

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